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Focus and Scope

The Hellenic Journal of Music, Education, and Culture (HeJMEC) is an international, on-line, open-access, and peer reviewed journal devoted to critical study and critical analysis of issues related to the fields of Music, Education, and Culture.


HeJMEC welcomes single, multi- and inter-disciplinary contributions of research and literature in the areas of music, education, and culture and publishes both qualitative and quantitative research with substantive and theoretical merit, along with critical reviews, theoretical articles, and invited book reviews related to these fields. The journal will have articles in either Greek or English (depending on the language of submission), but with structured abstracts appearing in both languages. There is also an opportunity to include media files (such as music, video) to illustrate the text.

Music and Education: The wide range of topics includes various aspects of music education (paedagogy, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, technology, and aesthetics) addressing vocal, instrumental, general music at all levels, from early childhood through adult and comparative studies. Education is interpreted in a broad sense including all aspects of teaching and learning within formal and informal contexts (such as, musical development; socio-cultural issues; creativity; gifted and talented students; special needs; community settings; teachers' professional development; curriculum design; assessment) in order, additionally, to challenge established accounts of music education policy-analytic methods and to explore alternative approaches to policy-making.

Music and Culture: Our aim is to provide essential reading on different aspects of the study of music from a cultural point of view (ideology, music and words, music and society, music and postmodernism, music and genre, and so forth); also, to relate them with educational issues (music cultural policy, the learning process, the relationship to educational institutions, and so on). The journal thus offers a unique forum for researchers to develop views on music as a social and cultural product, as part of human behaviour and in relation to broadly perceived educational issues at the leading edge of musical and multidisciplinary scholarship.



Section Policies


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Conference Reports

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Peer Review Process

Every article should be submitted through the submission form directly to the associate editors, whom they will be responsible to consider whether texts comply with the criteria set by the Journal and the scientific committee. Then, the Editor forwards a copy of the text for blind peer-reviewing to two suitable reviewers, according to their scientific interests and specialization. Reviewers will have one month to send their comments and evaluation form. In the case that there is difference of opinion between the reviewers the final decision for the publication of a text is made by the editorial board, taking under serious consideration the reviewing comments. 


Publication Frequency

Articles are published as soon as the editing and layout process is complete. HEJMEC is programmed to appear once a year; however, frequency of issues if determined also by submissions, approvals and technical preparation. 


Open Access Policy

HeJMEC provides open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


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