Perspectives of music publishing in the twenty-first century: The death of the editor?

Christina Georgiou


The article begins with an exploration of recent technological advances, such as the evolution of hardware/software, the digitization of literary material and the booming expansion of the world-wide-web, investigating their impact on the editing, publishing, teaching and performance of music. Crucial questions are addressed regarding the pros and cons of implementing such technology in music publishing, identifying the current pitfalls as well as the promising perspectives of its application. Going on, the article attempts to provide a new, working definition of the roles of those affected by such changes in the field of music publishing: from the promoters of new technology to the publishers; from the music editors to contemporary users of all levels; from amateurs and students to teachers and academics. Ultimately, suggestions on how to make the best use of available online music resources are set forth, discussing how this new technology can be a promising tool for the promotion of research, knowledge and dialogue.


music; publishing; editing; technology; digitization; perspectives

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