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Sonic and Auditory Cognition in the Byzantine Chant: Historical and Ontological Perceptions of an Intercivilizational “Language of Worship” PDF
Aaron Tyler
Online Gaming to Learn Music and English Language in Music and Ballet School Solfeggio Education PDF
Slađana Marić
The Use of Social Networks for Elearning Improvement PDF
Milan Pavlovic, Natalija Vugdelija, Radica Kojic
Aesthetic Realism and the Art of the Flute An Interview with Barbara Allen in Conversation with Edward Green, PhD PDF
Edward Green
Η επιρροή του Φρίντριχ Νίτσε (1844-1900) στο έργο του Ρίχαρντ Στράους (1864-1949) PDF
Anastasia Siopsi

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