The Use of Social Networks for Elearning Improvement

Milan Pavlovic, Natalija Vugdelija, Radica Kojic


One of the most advanced current technology that is increasingly used in e education, is social networking. We want to point out that e learning platforms tend to be closed and inflexible for users. Its use is limited to the settings defined by the administrator. The role of the student is passive. Passing a content often does not provide consulting teachers in response to the materials under study. This leads to the creation of an environment, which is not interesting for students. Important characteristics of online social networks, such as content sharing, collaboration and criticism catalyze the formation of active and stimulated environment for students. Our research is held, through an experiment at ICT College, in order to define main social networks that can be used for e learning improvement, and to show that social media tools (wikis, blogs, video sharing, image, video meetings and video conferences) are a powerful tools that can be used instead of classic e-learning platforms.


social networks, e-learning, innovations, Twitter

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