Vol 2, No 1

This is the HeJMEC Volume 2, published on September 2011

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Editorial PDF


Integrating the Arts: Educational Entrepreneurship in a School Setting PDF
Liora Bresler
Harmony and the Oneness of Opposites: Teaching Music Theory through Aesthetic Realism PDF
Edward Green
Assessment of musical knowledge from a life-world- phenomenological perspective – challenges of conceptualising and communication PDF
Cecilia Ferm Thorgersen
Fostering Creative Thinking - What do Primary Teachers Recommend? PDF
Panagiotis Kampylis, Pertti Saariluoma, Eleni Berki
Παραγοντες που επηρεαζουν τις προτιμησεις-επιλογες μαθητων/τριων στην μουσικη εκπαιδευση με βαση το φυλο PDF
Maria Argyriou


L. Bresler & Ch. Marme-Thomson: The arts in children's lives - Context, culture and curriculum. - PDF
Έλενα Ανδρέου
Her Art: Greek Women in the Arts from Antiquity to Modernity - Touliatos-Miles, Diane (ed.) PDF
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Nineteenth Century Music Review Journal - Vol. 8, issue 01: Music in Nineteenth-century Greece PDF
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HeJMEC Volume 2, September 2011 (5Mbs) PDF

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